“Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you.”

–Dr. Seuss


Hello and welcome to your virtual WebQuest, Un-Masking Identity.

My name is Victoria Davenport. I am a student at Penn State, studying art education, and I am so excited to start this journey of self-discovery with you!

In this virtual quest, we will explore how others define us and more importantly how we define ourselves. We will peel back the layers that serve others, dig down to our core and figure out what makes you … YOU!

People are universally similar in their goals, values and innate needs. However, there is no one else who has experienced life as you have. You are a complicated individual that is truly unique.

Traditionally, masks are used to disguise identity. But in this project, we are going to accentuate our personality using a mask as our tool!

Your first step is to explore the resources below, watch the videos, and note artist’s work that you admire. While exploring, think about who you are and what defines the life you live.


Watch this video about artists exploring their identities!

Click here

Kara Walkers Art 21

Click here

Nick Cave

Click here

MoMA Investigating Identity

Click here

Brooklyn Museum of Art

These next examples are online vision boards. Pinterest is a vision board that I use to research and combine all my ideas in one place and incorporate other sources like artist’s and their work.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool that displays images to help focus on a specific outcome. Most often they are used for life goals, however, I find them very helpful in exploring art projects. Below are my vision boards.

Pinterest Vision Board 3-D Printing

3d printing 13d printing 23d printing 3

Pinterest Vision Board for Identity

masking identity 1masking idenitty 2masking identity 3masking 4Masking 5masking 6masking 7masking 8masking 9masking 10masking 11masking 12masking 13masking 14masking 15masking 16

Schedule of our Journey

Activity 1: Complete EXPLORE and THINK tasks

Activity 2: Start CREATION

Activity 3: CREATE

Activity 4: Finish CREATE and REFLECT

Activity 5: ANALYZE and INQUIRE

Before you move on to THINK check of the evaluation under ANALYZE, hover over REFLECT tab, to understand the goals of the project.

Now that you understand the overall concept and have explored evaluation guidelines and the resources you can move on to THINK.